About David Rosen

David Rosen is a lifelong Houstonian and the son of two local public schoolteachers. He is running as a Democrat for the office of Harris County Treasurer. If successful, David will become the youngest countywide elected Democrat to serve in Harris County in more than 40 years. The election will be held in November 2014.

David was raised in Alief and graduated from Elsik High School before going to the University of Houston, where he served as Student Body President. David is currently an MBA candidate in the University of Houston's C.T. Bauer College of Business. He works for an offshore engineering company and lives in Houston's Braeswood neighborhood.


The Harris County Treasurer’s Office oversees accounts payable/accounts receivable for Harris County, the Port of Houston Authority and the Harris County Flood Control District. If elected, here’s what I’ll stand for:

Use technology to increase transparency

Every person with an internet connection should be able to see where their local leaders are spending public money. For local spending, this information is already publicly available under the Freedom of Information Act, just not easily found on the internet. Similar to how former District Clerk Loren Jackson used technology to make it easier to search and navigate court records, I want to make it easier for the public to search and navigate local public spending.

Teach business skills to at-risk kids

I want to use the Harris County Treasurer’s office to unite leaders from local non-profits and businesses – particularly young entrepreneurs – to create and support public-private partnerships that will teach business and entrepreneurship skills to at-risk kids in Harris County.

Regularly issue reports on the state of our local finances

In his seven years as Harris County Treasurer, the incumbent has not issued a single report or official opinion on any aspect of public spending. If I have the privilege to serve as your County Treasurer, I will turn the office into an active force and issue regular reports on the state of our local finances.

Support "Modern Families"

The fight for GLBT equality is one of the most pressing crises of conscience facing our country. From the outset of this campaign, I am calling for same-sex partner benefits to be offered to the GLBT employees of Harris County, and for Harris County to protect all of its employees from harassment and discrimination. I am a supporter of marriage equality.

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This is a partial list – check back frequently for updates!

Democracy for Houston
Harris County AFL-CIO
Harris County Tejano Democrats
Houston GLBT Political Caucus
Houston Stonewall Young Democrats
Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Action Fund

Hon. Jay Aiyer, former Houston Community College Board President
Hon. Alma Allen, State Representative
Hon. Christopher Ashby, former US Ambassador to Uruguay
Hon. Bruce Austin, former Houston Community College Trustee
Hon. Chris Bell, former Congressman
Hon. C.O. Bradford, Houston City Councilmember
Hon. Zeph Capo, Houston Community College Trustee
Hon. Anna Eastman, Houston ISD Board President
Hon. Rodney Ellis, State Senator
Hon. Robert Glaser, Houston Community College Trustee
Hon. Ron Green, Houston City Controller
Hon. Jim Henley, former County School Trustee
Hon. Loren Jackson, former Harris County District Clerk
Hon. Ella Jefferson, former Alief ISD Trustee
Hon. Jolanda "Jo" Jones, former Houston City Councilmember
Hon. Debra Kerner, County School Trustee
Hon. Erica Lee, County School Trustee
Hon. Roman Martinez, former State Representative
Hon. James Rodriguez, Houston City Councilmember
Hon. Alan Rosen, Harris County Constable
Hon. Arthur Schechter, former US Ambassador to the Bahamas
Hon. Alton Smith, Aldine ISD Trustee
Hon. Tiffany Thomas, Alief ISD Trustee
Hon. Diane Trautman, County School Trustee
Hon. Sylvester Turner, State Representative
Hon. Armando Walle, State Representative
Hon. Ann Williams, Alief ISD Trustee

Altaf Ali, precinct chair 842
Guy Anderson, former precinct chair 674
Patricia Anderson, precinct chair 754
George Atkinson, former precinct chair 315
Burton Bagby-Grose, precinct chair 293
Stephanie Bailey, precinct chair 633
Kris Banks, precinct chair 60
Max Beauregard, precinct chair 57
John Robert Behrman, precinct chair 39
Ken Bielicki, former precinct chair 804
Sterling Camp, precinct chair 504
Vicki Macias Cherewaty, precinct chair 699
Mary Clemons, precinct chair 318
Bob Connor, precinct chair 848
Etta Crockett, precinct chair 109
Linda Graham Cryer, precinct chair 896
Kenneth Dietrich, precinct chair 420
Dillan Dimas, precinct chair 874
Tom Eishen, precinct chair 747
Coretta Fontenot, precinct chair 630
Patricia Govan, precinct chair 722
Scott Harbers, precinct chair 32
John B. Harrison, precinct chair 554
Harvey Harrod, precinct chair 875
Nick Hellyar, precinct chair 137
Sarah Hirsch, former precinct chair 135
Buddy Hooper, precinct chair 298
Kevin J. Hoffman, precinct chair 207
Stephanie Hrabar, precinct chair 505
Joe Jennings, precinct chair 1002
Shelley Kennedy, precinct chair 73, SD Chair 15
Sakina Lanig, precinct chair 600
Joe Lengfellner, precinct chair 926
Joseph Carlos Madden, former precinct chair 324
Zack Martin, precinct chair 849
Clint Maxwell, precinct chair 890
Jordan McPhail, precinct chair 918
Sylvia Medellin, former precinct chair 635
Toni Medellin, precinct chair 803
Bruce Menke, precinct chair 590
John Moffitt, precinct chair 22
Deborah Mowrey, precinct chair 760
Robert Murray, precinct chair 793
Stella Nash, precinct chair 68
Shaun McDade Nelson, precinct chair 71
Dawn Newcomer, precinct chair 880
Pat Oates, precinct chair 667
Natalie Ortiz, precinct chair 795
Shannon Patterson, precinct chair 300
Douglas Payne, precinct chair 473
Sue Pilko, precinct chair 563
Patty Pinkley, precinct chair 658, President of Humble Area Democrats
William Pongrass, precinct chair 509
Art Pronin, former precinct chair 424, President of Meyerland Area Democrats Club
Joseph Allen Provost, precinct chair 205
Steve Reilley, precinct chair 53
Charlotte Reinmeyer, precinct chair 340
Mary Roberts, precinct chair 237
Sheryl Roppolo, former precinct chair 141
Tom Rowan Jr., precinct chair 399
Olga Salinas, precinct chair 824
Tommy Schlitzberger, precinct chair 1050
Mary Lowrey Schlett, precinct chair 270
Bill Scruggs, precinct chair 6
Golia Starghill-Howard, precinct chair 992
Mickey Studdert, precinct chair 129
TaShon Thomas, former precinct chair 389
Joe Tijerina, precinct chair 26
Jerry Wald, precinct chair 315
Christina Walsh, precinct chair 56, President of Spring Branch Democrats
Jeff Weems, precinct chair 274
Darlene Wheatley, precinct chair 640
Carol Wright, precinct chair 1061
Angela Williams, precinct chair 881, President of Katy Area Democrats
Paula Woolley, precinct chair 588, President of Spring Democratic Club

Murvin Auzenne
Bethany Bannister
Ann Harris Bennett
Billy Briscoe
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Stephanie Cochran
Dalton DeHart
Sue Dimenn Deigaard
Brandon Dudley
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Mary Elhardt
Dr. Blake Ellis
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John Gorczynski, President of Texas Young Democrats
Sara & Inar Graur
Dr. Rey Guerra
Earl Hearne
Dr. Traci Jensen
Sandra Jones
Dan Joyce
Nata Koerber
Risa Litt
Phillip McNutt
Stace Medellin
Karen Menke
Jill Rowlands Moffitt
Diane Mosier, President of River Oaks Area Democratic Women
Ken Olive
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Maia Shain Petersen
Jerry Peruchini
James Goodwille Pierre
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